Are Buttock Implants Safe?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I really want a bigger butt but realize that I don’t have any fat in which to inject. I am too thin to get much of a anything. That leaves my only option as buttock implants but I have heard only bad things about them. Are they really that bad? What is the real truth about them?

A: Buttock implants have gotten a historic bad reputation that to some degree is undeserved. When placed by an experienced surgeon into the intramuscular location, they can produce some very good results that fat grafting can not. Intramuscular buttock implant placement will be limited to usually under 400cc for most patients although this can make for a very impressive change despite the seemingly small volume. Buttock implants can also be placed above the muscle in the subfascial location, where much larger implants can be used, but the risks of complications such as infection, fluid collections and implant shifting are higher. Buttock implants can be a very effective and safe buttock augmentation option but what is bad about them is that the recovery is going to be longer and more difficult than that of fat grafting.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana