Are Brow Bone And Chin Reduction Surgeries Possible?

Q: I am interested in doing a ” Brow ridge reduction “, at least that is what I think it is. Also I would like a chin reduction. So my questions are; Are these types of surgeriess even possible? How far in advance do I have to schedule them? Have you ever done similar work to this? I have attached some pictures for you to see what I mean. Sorry as they are not the best quality.

A:  Thank you for sending your pictures. Your requests for brow bone and chin reduction surgery is not uncommon and these are established procedures. I am very familiar with doing them and get requests for them all the time. Brow bone reduction (technically frontal sinus reduction since the brow bones are largely sinus cavities not solid bone) is done through a scalp incision. The outer table of the frontal sinus is removed and set back which makes the brow bone less prominent. It is a very effective surgery and the only significant issue in men (which are by far those who request the procedure) is the need for a scalp incision and the resultant fine line scar in the scalp to access the forehead and brow areas. Chin reduction surgery is done different ways based on which dimension of the chin one wants to shorten. If it is a vertical chin shortening that is done by an intraoral osteotomy and bony wedge resection. If both a horizontal and a vertical chin reduction is needed that is usually done by a submental (under the chin) incisional approach and the bone is burred down and the soft tissues shortened and tightened to the smaller bone.

This will give you a general overview of your requests. Both surgeries are possible and are part of cosmetic craniofacial reshaping surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana