Anterior Temporal Muscle Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve had decent results from Botox to correct temporal hypertrophy, but the results are always temporary unfortunately, so I’m looking for something more permanent. I have a few questions please .. .1) I think the muscle is thickened in both anterior and posterior aspects, but I think in my case its more an anterior problem, it actually aches in that area at times. I see Dr Eppley’s approach for Anterior is “high temporal release”. Could you please give me a ballpark idea of total cost of that procedure alone. Cost is unfortunately a fairly big issue. So that’s probably a good place to start. 2) Could you please also give idea of cost for posterior approach? 3) The last time I had general anesthesia I had a bad experience from the anesthesia and I swore to never have general again, at most conscious sedation. So, is it at all possible for Dr Eppley to do any of the procedures with local anesthesia/conscious sedation?

A:Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately I can not be of assistance in your case. I do not have a reliable way to reduce the anterior temporalis muscle like I do for the posterior temporalis muscle. Furthermore even if I did this is not a procedure that I would do under anything less than general anesthesia.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana