Amount of Jawline Shave vs. Risk of Postoperative Soft Tissue Sagging

Q: Dr. Eppley I am a woman that has a very strong lower face including the jaw and chin area. i want a lot of it shaved
My concern is soft tissue sagging. I know I will have a lot of it and am 100% dedicated to getting a face lift or even multiple lifts if that whatever is necessary to make the soft tissue look normal. 
My question is there a limit to how much soft tissue can be redraped? 
I’m worried that if I cut off too much bone that the face lift or face lifts or other procedures will not be able to pick up ALL the slack and I’ll be left with a saggy face. 
If the above is the case where all tissue cant be removed then I would  stay on the conservative side in bone removal and only take off a tiny bit of bone so the amount of soft tissue sagging can actually be corrected.

A: You have wisely thought through the always delicate balance between the amount of facial bone removal vs the risk of postoperative soft tissue sagging. It is always better to be more conservative with cheek and jawline facial bone removal as I have done many more secondary surgeries for rebuilding back removed bone than I ever done for more bone removal later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana