Am I Too Old For Breast Augmentation?

Q:  I am 62 years old and I am thinking about getting breast augmentation. I got divorced recently after 35 years of marriage and want to start dating again. I think breast implants will make me feel and look better, not to mention more appealing. My breasts have shrunk and have gotten quite floppy over the years. Do you think I am nuts for considering this cosmetic procedure at my age?

A: I don’t think there is an upper age for breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure. If one is healthy and in good physical condition, then there should be no problem with undergoing this surgery. The more important question is whether breast implants alone will create the result you want. With advancing age, the breasts not only lose volume but develop more sagging or ptosis. If the nipple is pointed south or hangs at or below the lower breast crease, then some form of a breast lift will definitely be needed in addition to an implant.  If the nipple sits above the lower breast crease then breast implants alone will create the look you want.

Today’s 60 is yesteryear’s 45 or 50 so your request, while not common, is both reasonable and medically safe.  The oldest breast augmentation patient I have performed was 64. It is also important to remember that breast reconstruction is regularly done on patients your age. So the desire to look normal and or even be enhanced is not limited by age.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana