Am I Too Old For A Thyroid Cartilage Reduction?

Q: I am interested in a Thyroid cartilage reduction. I am a male but this is not for any kind of transgender procedure, I just have an oversized adam’ s apple and I do not like it. i am in my 30’s and I’m not looking to have it removed just made smaller. Is it possible to have this procedure at my age?

A: Most of the thyroid cartilage reductions that I do are in heterosexual males, not transgender patients. Like yours, the issue is the same…an adam’s apple that is just too big and sticks out too far. Your age is fine as age is actually irrelevant.  As long as one is skeletally mature (fully grown, age 18), it is acceptable to have the procedure. This is a fairly simple operation that is both effective and requires minimal recovery. At the price of a very fine 1 1/2″ horizontal line in a skin crease over the cartilage, it can be substantially reduced.

The thyroid cartilage plays a very valuable role in supporting the vocal cords and certain neck muscles and ligaments. Its removal is not possible. Thyroid cartilage reduction merely shaves down or reduces a portion of the V-shaped prominence of the upper or superior part of the cartilage. Their paired upper borders come together in the front and form a notch whichi is easily felt. Removing this portion of the cartilage does not interfere with vocal cord function or other neck functions. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana