Am I A Good Candidate For LeFort 2 Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, What is your opinion on Lefort 2 surgery? For cosmetic purpose most of surgeons perform Lefort 1. However from what I saw Lefort 2 provides better results aesthetically. Do you preform Lefort 2 and would Lefort 1, with paranasal implants give same results as Lefort 2. Also what is down side to Lefort 2? Pic I send you is from a woman that got Lefort 2 and results are impressive to say the least.

A: If you have a malocclusion that justifies a maxillary alveolar movement than it is an option…but it still leaves behind an infraorbital rim deficiency since it can’t provide a vertical elevation to the rim only a horizontal one. That deficiency would be more apparent if she wasn’t smiling in the postop frontal view which artificially elevates the rim/cheek/lid tissues.

It would be more effective to either d a LeFort I osteotomy with implants above it or a total custom midface mask implant and avoid any form of LeFort surgery at all.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana