Am I A Good Candidate For Fat Injection Breast Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am interested in breast augmentation by fat injections. I have no interest in implants whatsoever. I’ve attached a couple pictures for assessment. Do you think I would get a reasonable breast augmentation result (one to two cup sizes bigger) if the fat was taken by liposuction from just my abdomen and flanks. I just weighed myself this morning and my weight is around 170, but I’m typically 165. I’m approximately 5’7” tall.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures and your inquiry in fat injection breast augmentation. I think you have  a low amount of fat to harvest to do the procedure given what your breasts are initially like and what your goals are. They have several unfavorable characteristics including a very narrow breast base with large areolae, breast mounds that are very widely separated and a very wide chest width. It would take more fat than you have to inject your breasts to increase the size of your breast mounds to the level that you are seeking. With the amount of fat needed and the assured loss of 50% of what is injected, your breast augmentation result is not going to meet your goals. If you can accept more modest goals such as a 1/2 cup to maybe one cup size bigger, then you become a better candidate for fat injection breast augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana