Am I A Good Candidate For An Injectable Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to know if I can have a non-surgical rhinoplasty for temporary basis. At the moment I do not have sufficient funds to afford a rhinoplasty. Will there be dying of the skin or problems with the skin if I do this. Do you think i can have this procedure based on my nasal anatomy. Please let me know thanks.

Injectable Rhinoplasty Dr Barry Eppley Indianapolis

A: The best type of nose for a non-surgical or injectable rhinoplasty is the patient with a small to moderate-sized dorsal hump. This provides a perfect place to place an injectable material above the hump in the upper nasal bridge or nasion area. By so doing the hump is camouflaged as the dorsal line is straightened from the tip of the nose up to just below the eyebrows. Your nose is the perfect candidate for it as you fulfill this anatomic criteriua. I have attached some imaging which shows what the result would look like. The  only question is what type of injectable filler to use of which they are a large number of choices. I would chose one of the longer acting ones like Radiesse or Juvederm XC which should last about a year. This is done in the office under topical anesthesia and takes about 10 mnutes to perform…which is why the procedure has earned the name of injectable rhinoplasty or ‘lunchtime’ rhinoplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana