Allofill for Facial Implant Edge Camouflage

Q: Dr. Eppley, Do you also use Allofill? And if so, what experiences did you make with it?After two cheekbone augmentations with Medpor implants (after the first augmentation with Medopr Malar Shape implants, another Medpor implant was placed over the lateral part of the cheekbones, which was carved from a Medpor block), one can now see a transition between the first and the lateral cheekbone implants. Is Allofill suitable for correcting this transition of the cheekbones? Is the result really permanent and does the replenished amount correspond to the new tissue growth?

A: In treating facial implant edging or transition areas, I would not recommend Allofill injections for it. There is little clinical evidence yet that its effects are permanent. While there is no harm in dong so, its effects do not offer proven persistence beyond other types of synthetic fillers or fat injections. Other options include an overlay of ePTFE sheeting which would be better and more assured of a long-term solution mask the transition areas. Your case illustrates the potential pitfalls of having two implants right next to or over each other. Some palpable and even visible implant transitions areas can frequently result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indian