After Four Children Will I Need A Breast Lift If I Get Breast Implants?

Q: After having four children and breast feeding them all I am not happy with the way my breasts look. I am interested in getting breast implants. Do you think I will need a breast lift as well?

A: The combination of four children and breast feeding would take a toll on any women’s breasts. The effects of that repetitive expansion and then subsequent deflations will cause both skin excess and loss of breast tissue, known as breast involution. Undoubtably breast implants would be of great help in restoring breast volume and size.

The key issue is whether breast implants alone will be enough. If there is any significant sagging or ptosis, then some form of a breast lift may be needed. That can be determined by where the nipple now sits relative to the lower breast fold. If the nipple is above the breast fold, then implants alone will suffice. If the nipple is just at the lower breast fold, then a combination of breast implants and a small nipple lift will be needed. If the nipple sits below the lower breast fold, then implants with a more formal breast lift will be necessary.

What you don’t want are larger breasts with the nipples pointing downward or towards the floor. The nipples should be relatively centered on the implanted breast mound. Whether a breast lift is needed can be determined before surgery based on your nipple position on the deflated breast mound.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana