Q: Dr. Eppley, I have suffered with acne for around 10 years and the aftermath has left me with some facial and body scarring. I took a course of Accutane around 2 years ago which cleared the acne. I also have two facial scars from childhood injuries, both of which required stitches. I’ve heard some amazing things about the abilities of Acell. I have a question about Acell and I’m also reaching out to you for help. I’m aware that Acell can be used for scar revision. But Can Acell be used to treat acne scarring after some kind of abrasion like laser resurfacing? I’m really desperate to resolve my scar problems and I’m willing to be experimental.

A: Acell is typically used as an interpositional or internal graft material to aid healing in surgically closed wounds. It is not traditionally used as an onlay or topical wound healing agent although it can be done so. Whether it would have benefits to lessen scarring as an immediate topical agent placed on laser resurfaced facial skin is not known. I have not used it in such a fashion nor do I know of any others that have. At least it would not be harmful or impede wound healing in any way. Whether it will improve the results of laser resurfacing of acne scars can only be conjectured. But it does have theoretical appeal in that regard.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana