Do I Need A Lift If I Get Breast Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I just want breast augmentation with implants and don’t want a lift. But based on my pictures do you think I need an uplift. My sternal notch to nipple distance measures 24 cms on each side. I had one plastic suregry consultation and was told I need a lift with breast implant. I would prefer them filled out and was hoping the use of an implant would lift them up. I have lost weight and breastfed so I have lost the fullness they once had.

A: Your pictures show an undeniable need for a combined breast lift and augmentation surgery. Implants only provide some degree of a lift if the nipples are initially at or above the lower breast crease. (inframammary fold) If not, the nipples will only be driven lower as the breast volume get bigger. Having a breast lift is really about accepting the scars as a trade-off for the improvement in breast shape. This is easier for some than others but is the defining decision about whether to do anything at all. There is another option, often called the ‘minimal’ or  ‘crescent breast lift. It is not really a breast lift at all but does lift the nipple a bit by removing a small crescent of skin at the upper nipple skin edge. For those women that have a minor amount of sagging, nipple lifts with implant placement must just be enough to get them an acceptable result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana