What Is The Cost Of Botox For Masseter Muscle Reduction At The Jaw Angles?

Q: Hi, I’m an Asian female in my late 20s. Over recent years, my jaws have become really prominent, making me look somewhat masculine and heavy. Looking for a way to reduce the angle of my jaw, I found the masseter reduction with botox injection on the web. Since I don’t want to change my bone structure, I came to consider botox as a solution. My only concern is how much the cost would be. I know it is hard to get an estimate before I visit you, I’d have even a ball-park idea about the money I should pay, including consultation fee. Could you please let me know  the range of cost? Thank you so much!

A: The protocol for Botox injections for masseter muscle reduction along the jaw angles is a one year program.  It has been shown by multiple studies that it takes at least three injection sessions to get the most muscle reduction. Since the effect of Botox is approximately four months, injection sessions are done every four months for one year. Results are usually seen as early as a few mmonths after the first injection session. The amount of Botox should be a minimum of 25 units per side or 50 units per injection session. More may be needed in men depending upon the size of the masseter muscle. While the cost per unit of Botox varies greatly across the country, in my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice the cost of such a treatment session would be around $ 700.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana