Will A lip Lift Affect The Shape Of My Nose?

Q: I was very impressed by your comments on lip lift. I feel confident that you understand more about this procedure and the possible things that can go wrong than other plastic surgery websites I have seen. Since I have had two prior rhinoplasty surgeries, will this procedure affect my nose? Some surgeons have said that I would need another operation on my nose if I were to have a lip lift. I really don’t want to touch my nose again. I’m happy with it and just want to leave it alone. If a lip lift will alter the shape of my nose, then it’s probably not the best option for me.  In terms of why I need the lip lift. I’m only 30 but have always had a VERY long lip lift. My lips themselves are very full and attractive, but even when smiling, you can’t see ANYTHING of my upper teeth and I feel that it’s quite a big thing and stops me looking as attractive as I otherwise could be.

A: I do not know of, nor have I ever seen, any problems with a lip lift affecting the shape of the tip of the nose. A lip lift is a simple removal of skin at the base of the nose. It does not, and should not, remove any muscle from the subnasal area. In theory, I can see how it is possible with too much skin removal to pull down on the columella causing distortion of the nasal base. But the skin resection should never be greater than 1/4 to 1/3 of the vertical skin height along the philtral columns. Since there is no recovery (replacement) of too much skin removal, it is always best to not be too aggressive in the lip lift procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana