What Size Breast Implant Should I Get For The Round Fake Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I need some help in selecting the right breast implant size for me. I am 5’ 2” with a 32B cup size. After having breastfed two babies, I need some breast volume back. It has been sucked out of me.. I am going to get 500cc high profile gel implants. My doctor suggested 450cc but I want 500cc. Do you think this is a big difference. I don’t mind if they are a little big and look somewhat fake. I actually like that look. Are there any health risks from going big? I value your opinion.

A: On a volume ratio basis, the difference between a 450cc and 500cc implant is not that significant, around a 10% size difference. A sized difference in implants that is barely visible. Since you appear to have no fears about being too big, I would definitely go with the slightly larger 500cc implant. While there are no health risks with larger silicone breast implants, there is always the consideration however of loss of tissue support over time. When a breast implant becomes too big for the tissues that must envelop and support it, there is the risk of bottoming out or dropping of the implant position. Whether this is a potential issue with you can not be determined based on this discussion alone. The key determinant of that is whether the base diameter of the implant stays within your own natural breast base diameter. That is a simple measurement that can quickly be done in an examination. The use of HP or high profile implants is helpful in keeping a good implant-breast base compatibility.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana