How Soon After Double Jaw Surgery Can I Get A Midface Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am currently about to get double jaw surgery and already have a weak midface and undereye area (bad case of dark circles). Ideally I would like to get midface implant surgery soon after the jaw surgery. I want a lot of mass added to my cheekbones area especially the undereye area. I know the implants will extend to my zygomatic archs will this help change the shape of my face? I feel like I have a very rectangular face and would like some width added to the midface area. Some questions I have: 

– How soon after the jaw surgery would I be able to get the implants placed? 

– How will this process work, do you suggest a virtual meeting and then travel to the clinic? Basically what is the process like from beginning to end? 

– Lastly how big can the implants me, not coverage but how forward or thick can the implants be? What constraints are there to how thick the implants can be?

A: In answer to your midface implant augmentation questions:

1) One would wait six months after a Lefort I osteotomy to have a midface implant procedure. But you would get the process starter within a few months after the orthognathic surgery since it takes a minimum of 3 months to go through the implant design and manufacturing process to get the implant ready for surgery.

2) A 3D CT scan is needed and that can be obtained locally. We place the order for you to have it done. You only come here for the actual surgery.

3) Within what your aesthetic requirements would likely be there are any implant thickness or tissue constraint limiting factors.

4) While I do not know at this time know some of the important features of the midface implant design that would work best for you (implant footprint, single or split design, intraoral vs lower eyelid placement approach) my staff will provide a general quote for the procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon