When Will My Smartlipo Procedure Show Results?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am very disappointed with my Smartlipo results. Over four months ago, I had the procedure on my abdomen and flanks to try and improve my waistline. The laser was used but no suctioning of the fat was done. While everytime I go back the doctor tells me to be patient, I surely would have thought I would have seen some improvement by now. I am getting frustrated as I spent all this money and have yet to have anything to show for it?

A: I am afraid to tell you that if you have not seen results by now, you are not going to. It is not common practice, nor do I think it is even reasonable, to perform Smartlipo without simultaneous aspiration. While there is some heat-related effect to Smartlipo, you simply can’t rely on that effect alone to create a result. The main benefit of Smartlipo is that it makes the fat easier to suction out and enables better fat removal. Smartlipo is not a Star Wars game where you shoot and vaporize the fat instantly. Nor does it cause enough fat release that lymphatic drainage will remove enough to make a visible difference. Without simultaneous liposuction, it is not possible to make a significant improvement. It pains me to see some practitioners use this non-suction approach to Smartlipo and its lack of results which makes people unhappy as well as gives Smartlipo a bad name. This is a doctor problem not a device-related one.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana