What Is The Best Breast Implant For Making Large Breasts On A Small Frame?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting breast implants. I am fairly small framed, some call me petite, at ‘m 5’0” and 102lbs. I’m currently a 32A cup size. I have had one consultation and tried on sizers and it seems like 550cc implants seem to be the best fit for me for the size I am after. I have been told that this is a large implant for my type of body but this is the look I really want. My goal is a 34 DD. With implants of this size would it be possible for me to get a teardrop breast shape despites the large implant size on my small chest? Two other questions, will my areola stay the same size and what is the best implant and incision to use?

A: There is no doubt that you are interested in a very large implant for your frame. While it is every women’s right to choice any size implant they want, there are many plastic surgeons who will not accommodate an implant size that they feel may lead to loss of breast tissue support in the long run. That being said, whether it is a saline vs a silicone implant, you need a high profile implant to accommodate that volume with the most narrow implant base diameter so it does not end up too far to the side getting in the way of the swing of your arm. I would lean towards a saline high profile implant because it can be placed through a small armpit incision and gives the most projection with the narrowest implant width. As the skin expands to accommodate the breast implant underneath, your areolar size will get bigger.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana