Facelifts and the Lifestyle Lift

Q: As I am getting older, I don’t like my neck which is getting looser and lower. I think I may need a facelift but am scared to death to go through it and it will likely cost more than I have. I have read and seen pictures about the Lifestyle Lift and that really interests me as it doesn’t look like surgery is needed and the results are great. Do you think that will work for me?

A: As we age, the very common signs of facial aging is in the development of a saggy neck and jowling. These loose facial skin issues are exactly what a facelift treats, contrary to what many patients believe that a facelift is.

Facelifts can be done in a variety of ways but fundamentally there are two types, limited and full. For smaller neck and jowl issues, a limited facelift can be a very good rejuvenative procedure. For larger neck wattles and jowls, a full facelift is often needed to get the best result.

The Lifestyle Lift, a tradename and franchise approach to delivering cosmetic facial surgery, is a variation of a limited facelift. Many patients have commented to me that they did not think it was surgery based on the ads and the TV commercials. But a Lifestyle Lift is surgery and can be combined with a wide variety of other facial procedures and injectable treatments. Usually a combination of ‘small’ procedures can collectively create a significant facial improvement.

The limited facelift approach has been around for a long time, dating even back to the early part of the 20th century. It has re-emerged in popularity today because younger patients are seeking facial improvements. They don’t want to wait until they need a complete facelift and have such a dramatic change. Plus, they want to maintain a more youthful appearance as they are in their prime work years. About half of the facelifts I now do are of the limited variety because it fits many patient’s age, lifestyle, and budget.

When you see a good before and after picture of a significant facial change, you should know that is not possible without some form of surgery. There is no magical cream, laser, and other ‘magic’ that can create what a facelift operation can do. We all would like there to be but it does not exist. Remember a basic plastic surgery rule…’small changes require only small procedures, big changes come from big procedures.’    

Dr. Barry Eppley