Brow Bone Protrusion

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have brow bone protrusion.I would like my forehead to be flatter and this obvious dent disappears. Plus, my eyebrows are asymmetric. I have two surgical methods in my mind. 

1) An eyebrow lift with subsequent filler

2) an eyebrow lift and forehead contouring

In this case, however, it is out of the question for me that the incision is made on my scalp. it would have to be made under the hairline. Is that even possible?

Please tell me about the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you’re welcome to say what you would recommend. I just want my eyebrows to be more symmetrical and my forehead flatter I always look very angry because of my forehead.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. What you have is brow bone protrusion which is often accompanied by a central indentation between the medial brow bone protrusions. While an endoscopic brow lift can be done through limited scalp incisions, any reduction of the brow bones will requite more of s scalp incision of which you have stated is unacceptable. There is no method for coming from below due to the location of the supraorbital cranial nerves as they exit from the lower end of the brow bones. This leaves you with the only option for forehead contouring of filling in the central forehead indentation with a small custom made forehead implant from a 3D CT scan which can be done through the same small incisions as that of the endoscopic brow lift.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana