Chin Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m one month post operation from a jaw/mandible reduction and horizontal chin reduction surgery using the T-osteotomy method. I have some chin reduction concerns.

I’m loving the angle of my jawline but I’m very worried because it’s been 4 weeks and my chin looks very very pointy. My surgeon seems to have removed a lot more bone than I was expecting. I had a very very square face prior to the surgery and my surgeon said he removed a good 1cm wedge from the middle.

I made it firm in the consultation that I wanted a natural curve (U shape) to my lower face, and did not want a pointed v-line. I’m very worried that my surgeon still didn’t fully understand what I wanted.

I understand that there’s swelling but I read that the 3-4 week post op genioplasty look is usually similar to what you get. My chin looks like a triangle and my parents and relatives can instantly tell that it’s not a natural chin because it tapers in way too much. I legitimately told my surgeon I wanted a noticeable natural change, like as if I’ve lost weight – But I’m very afraid that he did not deliver and overcorrected.

What are my options here? Can I do a reverse T-osteotomy with a bone graft to widen my chin to the desired width? How much extra width can I expect from doing this?

Or will the look of the chin soften up over time? Though I highly doubt the change could sustain such a huge change. I have yet to face any friends as I am very afraid to face them like this.

A: At one month after this type of chin reduction surgery if you think it is too narrow then it is. The more typical concern is that it is still too wide and not narrow enough. Time and further healing will not make it more wide or less pointy.

The good news is that the chin can be re-widened by the placement of an interpositional cadaveric bone graft. That width can be any amount desired.I would not think you would take it back out the full 10mms that was removed but probably 5 to 6mms.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana