Buttock Implant Removal

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am still considering having the buttock implant removal. I really wish I had done it at the same time as the facial implant removal. 

1.  Have you removed many subfascial buttock implants?

2.  If so, are there many potential complications with this surgery? 

3.  Will I need drains?

4.  Is there much pain afterwards?

5.  Would I need to stay in Indiana long? It would be great if I could just stay 3 days or so. Or would I need to stay to have stitches removed?

In answer to your buttock implant removal questions:

1) I fortunately have rarely just removed buttock implants without some form of replacement. So I certainly have not done ‘many’ and never hope that I have to.

2) Like all implants removals anywhere on the face or body, there is going to be generalized tissue deflation/flattening effect. Your cheeks are a good example fo what happens when you remove the underling support from a projecting prominence.

3) A drain is not needed.

4) Any postoperative discomfort will be a fraction of what its as to place them. Your facial implants are a good example of what ti expect.

5) You should be able to go home in one to two days at worst. All sutures are under the skin and are dissolveable.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, IndianaButtock