V-Line Facial Contouring

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in V-line facial contouring. There is a popular procedure in South Korea that offers a procedure called V line which slims the jaw and chin to make it doll like and I am very interested in getting it done in June 2018. I contacted several clinics in Korea and the procedure is much cheaper there when compared to USA. However, I am nervous going to a country I have never been before by myself. Before making a decision, I want to know my options for the in state surgeons. How much would facial contouring cost at Eppley Plastic Surgery Clinic?

A:Thank you for your inquiry. What you are referring is known as V-line facial contouring or V line jaw surgery of which I am very familiar. Whether you are a good candidate for that procedure depends on your pictures, x-rays and aesthetic goals. Be aware that when you go to South Korea they are going to do the procedure whether you are a good candidate or not. They treat everyone the same whether they are Asian for not or whether their bone structure can benefit from the procedure or not  I have treated many Caucasian US women who went there only to have a result they did not want and then had to be secondarily reconstructed. Cost aside I would first determine if what you want to achieve is even possible with your facial structure. It will be a difficult problem to secondarily correct if the operation has never had a chance to achieve what you want.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana