Chin Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m planning on doing a chin augmentation late this year and, for that reason, have some questions that if possible would like to be cleared out. My questions are:

1 – Judging by the photo attached, how much augmentation do you believe I’m going to need?

2 – Will the procedure change the front view of my face?

3 – How much time out will I need to take out of work after the procedure?

A: In answer to your chin augmentation questions:

1) Unless I do the actual imaging I can not tell you what millimeter change it would be.

2) Every chin augmentation procedure changes the front view to some degree. It is not realistic to expect only one dimensions of the chin to be changed when a 3D implant is placed.

3) Recovery is one of swelling and your tolerance for it. The surgery will create more swelling than you think and it will take longer to go down and become acceptable in appearance than you desire. Half of chin augmentation swelling goes down by ten days and 75% by three weeks. At one point in this time course you will find it socially acceptable but that varies amongst different patients.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana