Breast Augmentation Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a breast augmentation  in 2006 in which round, saline, high profile implements were placed under the muscle. As you can see on the picture the implants are too narrow, too far apart from each other and not low enough which is one of the reasons why my nipples are too low. Also, when flexing the implants they move way too much (see pic) and when lying the left implant migrate externally (see pic). So what I’m looking for is a surgeon that could make do a breast augmentation revision as well as lifting my nipples of 2 cm whithout scaring the hell out of my breasts. So I was thinking that a capsulectomy with new lifting anatomical implants could be a solution? Or reducing my capsules In order to prevent the anatomical implant from moving could be an other one?

What do you think Doc?

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. I would agree that your breast implants are sitting too high and have a fairly narrow base. Because they are probably 100% submuscular you have a more complete expression of the implant animation deformity. (which every submuscular patient has to some degree) Through your existing inframammary incisions, new breasts implants that have a wider base (some increased volume as well) placed into new pockets which are lowered and with some partial muscle release, should address most of your concerns. The only one that would not be a lot better is the spacing between your breasts which is a reflection off your natural breast base spacing. I would avoid anatomic implants in a breast augmentation revision due to potential implant shifting. If needed I would also perform a superior crescent nipple lift as part of your breast augmentation revision.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana