V Line Jaw Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in the look from V line jaw surgery. I currently receive Botox injections into my jawline to narrow my face and I have a filler for my chin. I am of Asian decent but I find that some surgeons in Korea overdue it and some faces look too overdone and I want a more natural look.

I want the look that I currently have. I am looking for a more permanent solution. I would prefer not to have my jaw shaved since I’m satisfied with the look I have now with just having my masseter muscle reduced from Botox.

Since I have success with the Botox into the massetter muscle would you be able to reduce that muscle permanently without complications later on? My filler will also be gone soon, would you be able to narrow the sides of my chin because I don’t want an implant.

How long until I will be presentable to go back to work? How long do I have to stay in the area? Can’t wait to hear from you soon. Thank you.

A: The reason you don’t like Korean jaw angle reduction results is because they amputate (cut off) the entire jaw angle in most cases. While that can have a radical effect on facial width in the front view, it artificially raises the jaw angle and thus can look overdone. (because part of the jaw is missing) That is just one way to do jaw angle reduction. The other way, and the more common and better method that I use on many non-Asians, is the outer corticotomy method. This preserves the jaw angle shape and just makes it thinner. The width reduction may not be as dramatic as the amputation method but it looks more natural (not overdone) and keeps the shape of the existing haw angle which prevents complete soft tissue collapse inward. This form of bony jaw angle reduction is what would be appropriate for you along with some muscle reduction as well. This might be something to consider as muscle reduction by electrocautery usually doesn’t produce as much reduction as Botox does.

For your chin I am assuming you added filler to the central part of the chin to give it projection and make the chin appear more narrow or v-shaped. Thus the bony reshaping method would be an intraoral t-shaped chin osteotomy technique. This narrows the chin in width and also give it some slightly increased projection.

Having both of these surgeries, you could go home in a day or two. Be aware these type of jaw surgeries cause considerable swelling and would take 10 to 14 days before you look presentable for work. (although what defines presentable will vary from person to person)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana