Jawline Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have jawline reduction surgery scheduled for next month. Could you answer a couple questions about the surgery? Can you have a look at the CT once more. The root of the last tooth on left mandible seems to be pretty close to the outer border of mandible. 

1)How many millimeters would it be safe to reduce on that point? Considering the nerves and risk of fracture in the future?

2)So the cortex parts of the bone seem to be the thickest. Will the bone adapt (create more cortex bone after part of it is shaved off? (afraid of fractures…)

A: In answer to your jawline reduction questions:

1) The bone that is removed in your type of jawline reduction  is from the inferior border of the jaw not the lateral border.

2) 4 to 5mms would be safe from a nerve protection standpoint. None of this bone removal places the bone at risk for future fracture. Not enough bone is being removed for that to be an issue.

3) The bone will not grow a new or thicker cortex. As stated in #2 above, this is not a surgery that places the bone at risk for fracture.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana