Mentalis Muscle Resuspension

Q: Dr. Eppley, Following a chin implant being removed via an intra-oral incision six years ago, I have lower lip incompetence and chin ptosis.Is it possible to have a successful outcome with mentalis muscle resuspension without inserting another chin implant? Also is it possible to achieve a good result with absorbable Mitek sutures as opposed to titanium screws?

Another doctor has advised he would insert another small chin implant and use titanium screws. I’m not comfortable putting another chin implant in or with titanium screws in my chin.

A: One can certainly have a mentalis muscle resuspension surgery without placing a new chin implant. But the success of the procedure drops when the lower chin support provided by a new chin implant is not added. This does nor mean that it can not work just that the long-term success rate will be lower.

Mitek absorbable bone anchors are my performed method of mentalis muscle resuspension. They come with an indwelling bone device (anchor) that is composed of either a small piece of metal (nitinol) or a reservable polymer composition that takes 6  months to go away. The sutures attached to the bone anchors however are permanent.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana