Craniofacial Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a strange aesthetic problem that has to do with my eyes, more specifically with my eyeballs. I feel that they’re too deep set into my skull and that makes them look tiny. The problem, however, is that not only I don’t have “heavy” or protruding brow bones but my whole orbital rims (upper and lower) are recessed , I can tell that from my profile view because I have a visible bulge under my eyes and I also have dark circles. Unfortunately, I do not have a camera with me so you can see what my eyes look like. But supposing that all my assumptions are correct, is there any way to move my eyeballs forward ? I was thinking if orbital floor augmentation or craniofacial surgery to this area can be effective. Are any of these options to be seriously considered? 

A: In short, you can not move your eyeballs forward. They are on a tether known as the optic nerve. It is not a good idea to stretch the optic nerve as this could very well led to visual disturbances or blindness. Orbital floor augmentation can potentially move the eyeball up. Craniofacial surgery moves the orbital rims around the eyes. Neither of these are to be seriously considered, even if they would be effective, for an aesthetic eye concern.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana