Custom Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, The side profile shot is taken of what I consider my weaker side, though the left side has only slightly better bone and muscle definition, it is a noticeable difference. Its something I have been conscious of all my life – lowering and pushing my jaw forwards in photos etc and now as I get older, it appears to be more noticeable. 

I’m not looking for a wide angular jaw bone as I have an oval face and a fairly small head size so that would look weird. I’m relying on your aesthetic appreciation of my request based on the following considerations to hopefully provide a stronger, but normal looking, less saggy and symmetrical jaw line.

1. To gain a slight vertical lengthening of my jaw line
2. Consider the amount/effect (if any) of slight vertical lengthening of my chin with this procedure. Or will this make my face unbalanced?
3. To further enhance the weaker right hand side to correct the slight bone and muscle asymmetry to match the left side. 
4. Determine if I would benefit aesthetically by a slight chin projection to help the overall balance and proportion of my face?

Hopefully, if this can be met it will take up some of the slacker soft tissue and negate any surgical lifting and provide balance and proportion? That’s my aim anyway.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

A: Given your multiple aesthetic needs of your lower jawline, only a custom jawline implant can come close to achieving all of your goals. The addition of vertical lengthening of the jawline as well as some horizontal chin increase can only be done by such an implant. Because the custom jawline implant adds overall bony volume it will by definition pick up some loose tissue along the jawline.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana