Q: Dr. Eppley, I had cheek implants placed last year and it has given the region much needed volume. However, I still notice that there’s still some mid-face sag that I would like to correct. I’ve researched various options like mid-face lifts, but the one thing that really intrigued me was thread lifting. Can I just check if you’re family with such a procedure, and if so, could it be used to adequately address a mild amount of mid-face sag?

Thank you!

A: I am very familiar with the threadlift procedure and the devices to do it. It has always been and continues to be intriguing to many potential patients because of its minimally invasive nature. It will always be compared to what are perceived analogues to it including a lower facelift and a cheeklift.

While it can create a very mild cheek lifting effect, the duration of this effect is very temporary and does not provide much of a sustained result. Simply pulling up on the tissues is not a good substitute for actual deeper tissue support and/or skin excision. This has proven to be certainly true for the many versions of thread lifts that have been promoted.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana