Breast Reduction with Explantation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a breast reduction but my situation is a bit unusual. I currently have breast implants but gained weight after surgery with my third child. That was over ten years ago. I would like a breast reduction with my implants removed. I do not want to be bigger than B cup… I am currently a D/DD cup.

A: With breast implant removal and some significant breast tissue on top of them, a full breast lift may be likely needed. Due to concerns about blood supply to the nipples, the amount of breast reduction/lift that can be done may be more limited than going all the way down to a B cup may permit. Conversely, based on the size of your existing indwelling implants and their location (submuscular vs. subglandular), such a breast size reduction may be very possible. Larger breast implants that are in a submuscular position will safely permit more of a breast reduction/lift. I would need to see pictures of your breasts to help make that determination.

Removal of breast implants by itself causes an obvious breast reduction effect. But the now excess and potentially sagging overlying breast tissue must be managed to create a smaller and tighter breast mound.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana