Will A Chin Implant And Neck Liposuction Improve My Facial Profile?

Q:  Hi Dr. Eppley.  I have seen four different plastic surgeons seeking improvement in my facial profile and, so far, nobody can show me or even tell me that by doing “this” or “that” I would get the end result I’m looking for.  I’m so scared to have the wrong procedure(s) done, or to chose the wrong size of chin implant, you can’t imagine. I have attached some pictures of myself so you can see my chin and neck problem. After reviewing them s there a way we could communicate by phone?  I really need to ask you some questions. I would like to thank you for doing this for me. You are my last hope!!! Please reply, thank you.

A: Quite frankly, I am not sure what the mystery is when it comes to making the facial improvements that you want. Yours is a very straightforward and common problem that I see all the time. It is the classic ‘ying and yang’ problem. The chin must come forward and the neck angle must go back. And how to do that is similarly not  a mystery. The chin implant should bring the chin no further forward in a woman than a vertical line dropped down from the edge of the lower lip. In the frontal view, it must be a tapered chin implant so as the chin comes forward it remains with a more feminine shape and not becomes more square or too masculine. From the neck standpoint, liposuction is certainly needed. The only unknown, and I can not tell this from photographs or computer imaging, is what the neck and jowl skin will do. Is it good enough quality skin to tighten up on its own or does it need a little help via a jowl-neck tuck-up from incisions around the ears?

I have attached some predictive computer imaging so you can have an approximation of what the outcome from a combined chin implant and neck liposuction and recontouring procedure would be. It is unfortunate that after four plastic surgery consults, this ‘mystery’ has not become unveiled to you.

I am happy to talk to you by phone or Skype any time. Just let me know your availability and we can work out a time.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana