Can I Have Rhinoplasty and Jawline Enhancement Procedures Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am unhappy with my nose and I have been considering rhinoplasty for a while as well as jaw augmentation. For my nose, my first main concern is that I don’t like the bulbous tip it has. I’d like the tip to look pointier and to project a bit more. Second, I think my nose is too wide. I would like my nostrils to be narrower from the front view. I have attached a few photos of my face, as well as a couple models whose noses I like.

For the jaw, I have been considering some combination of chin and especially jaw angle implants. Perhaps even sliding genioplasty, the latter I understand is the only way to add vertical chin height. I basically want to create a stronger looking profile that balances my face.

I also have a few secondary procedures I am considering but not sure about. A reduction of my lower lip reduction (I think it is too big compared to the upper, and might make my chin appear larger if it were reduced). And also forehead augmentation (to reduce the appearance of my sloping forehead/prominent brow bone)

I am trying to figure out which procedure/s would produce be the best result in my case.Would it even be possible to do all of them at once?

A: Briefly, all the facial procedures you have discussed can be done as the same time and it would not be rare in my experience to do so. But first we must go through each procedure and determine what is the best approach for each change and how much change you desire for each area. Options in rhinoplasty and jawline enhancement are best done through initial computer imaging. I will do some computer imaging using your pictures of these changes and this will be a good starting point for our treatment planning discussion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana