What Type Of Breast Implant Replacments Should I Get?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am in need of breast implant replacements. I had breast augmentation in 1991 and it appears one of my implants must have ruptured and has deflated.  I need to explore my options.The original surgery was done by using implants with a silicone shell with outer saline fluid.

A: Your original breast implants by description were what was known as Becker implants. They were a double lumen ( 2 bags) implant with an inner bag that contained silicone and an outer bag that contained saline fluid that was filled at the time of surgery. The logic of that old style breast implant was that it helped control silicone gel ‘bleed’ which had a known effect of causing high rates of capsular contracture at the time. (breast implant hardening)  Those implants have not been manufactured for over 20 years although some few patients still exist with them in. Like  a completely saline-filled breast implants, rupture and partial deflation (remember there js still an inner bag that has intact silicone gel) was inevitable. Getting 23 years of service out of these breast implants means you have done well. This day was eventually coming and it now appears that it is here. The only real significant question with breast implant replacements is whether you want to go with a completely saline-filled or silicone gel type breast implant and whether you want a similar size in volume with these replacements.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana