How Would A Revision be Done For My Forehead Scar?

Q: I have a forehead scar from falling as a child many years ago. It has bothered me all of my life and have always wondered if some form of scar revision could improve it. I went to one doctor and he told me it wasn’t worth it and would probably not work. That really depressed me so I have since thought that nothing could be done. Then I saw online some forehead scar revisions that you ha done and that gave me hope again. I have attached some photographs of the scar for your review. I am hoping to hear good news this time!

A: Thank you for sending your photos. I think your scar could definitely be improved. I do not know why you were ever told that improvement was not possible. Quite frankly, your scar pattern is one of the easiest in which to see improvement.

Given its vertical location near a glabellar furrow, it should be excised as a straight line (possibly a step pattern though) That is a simple office procedure done under local anesthesia. Becasue of the tightness of forehead skin, you need to think about that it may require two stages. Vertical forehead scars have a notorious propensity to widen. So the first stage may end up with it being 50 – 75% less wide as the scar matures. (hopefully not) Then a second stage could for sure get it as narrow as a pencil line. The goal, of course, with your scar revision is to get it as narrow as possible in one-stage.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana