Can Facial Reshaping Surgery Make These Changes?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am curious as to whether it would be possible to increase the distance between my eyes. Generally I feel this is the most significant weakness in my face! Alternatively, to shorten my midface area vertically would also be a very positive change, or failing that, any procedure that could give that *impression*

Final thing, and this is a bit obscure, but when I wake up, my face generally seems quite puffy, but it looks better in that state. My eyes seem wider, thiner, more masculine and postiively titled. I can’t think of any cause of this he beyond a gathering of fluid from my sleeping position during the previous night – which surely, it is in theory possible to replicate with fillers/injections. Any chance you do this/could do this in the near future?

A: I am afraid that the three things you are asking in terms of facial reshaping are not possible to achieve. There is no procedure, even a camouflage one, that will make your eyes look further apart. There is also no procedure that can vertically shorten your midface, short of a maxillary impaction which will bury your teeth under your upper lip. Only if you have a gummy smile would this operation be aesthetically beneficial. In some cases increased midface projection can create that illusion but that would depend on your natural facial profile. Lastly, adding facial volume (as occurs in your morning temporary facial edema) can not be replicated with synthetic injectable fillers. It may be possible that fat injections in selective area could be beneficial but not in an overall facial effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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