Are There Any Other Ways To Get Rid Of A Tattoo Without The Cost Of Laser Treatments?

Q: I have a small tattoo of my upper arm that was put there years ago. While it is nothing gross or has anyone’s name on it, my boyfriend now does not like it and would like it to be gone. I have used some stuff bought over the internet for it but it hasn’t worked like they said it would. I looked into having laser treatments done for it but it was too expensive and it was going to be painful. I spent less than $200 to have it placed and with laser treatments it was going to cost over $3,000 to have it treated with no guarantee as to how much of it would be gone. Are there any other options for tattoo removal?

A: While laser tattoo removal can be effective, it is fairly costly because the laser machine has to be paid for and that is understandably factored into the cost of the treatment. A new non-laser method of tattoo removal does exist known as Tatt2Away. With this method a special fluid is placed into the tattoo using the same technique that got in there known as micropigmentation. This fluid causes the tattoo pigments to leach out of the skin. While it takes several treatments for optimal clearing (three or four), it offers results that are as least as good as that of the laser without the cost and potential risk of skin scarring. Unlike lasers which can not effectively treat all pigment colors, hues and blends, Tatt2Away is color blind and removes pigments regardless of their color base. It is also less painful than laser tattoo treatments because no heat is generated during the treatment. At roughly half the cost of a laser treatment, Tatt2Away now offers an effective alternative for tattoo removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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