Will Infraorbital Rim Implants Lift Sagging Cheek Tissues?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a midface deficiency which is causing the skin of my midface to sag alot causing it to look pigmented, I have been told I am more suitable for orbital rim implants (after many consultations for standard cheekbone implants) but it seem a subtle implant is all that can be used due to my skin not being very hefty. What I want to know is how far around from the nasion area around to the malar lateral area does the implant reach? Will it fill out the area on outer corner of eyes where a normal persons cheekbones would normally be located? I generally have good projection on the sides of my head, but I have developed a fat face appearance and I’m only 24, this is giving a pigmented look to the unsupported skin. It’s like I’ve lost a lot of weight which I haven’t as I’m only 150lbs.I have been told I could go with fat transfer after implants if I wanted a more drastic change later on down the road. Will subtle rim implants be enough to lift the sagging skin as it feels like there is a lot? My face has no angles like it used to and has become very doughy. I’m depressed over this as I simply don’t know what to do.

A: While I will have to see pictures of you, I can make some general comments in regards to infraorbital-malar implants. There are numerous styles and designs of orbital rim, malar and combined infraorbital-malar implants. Some do reach the whole way from the medial orbital rim around and onto the malar region and up on the lateral orbital rim. How much midfacial tissue lifting these implant styles do is limited. Some malar tissue elevation is obtained but more significant amounts will likely need some form of a midface lift done concurrently with implant placement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana