What Is The Best To Lift Sagging Brows In Men?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 44 year-old male who has a heavy brow. I think a brow lift/ would be beneficial but I am a little worried about the hairline gong back, making my forehead even longer. Would a hair transplant to lower the hairline after work or is that a little to risky?  I think a brow lift would look good but worried that my hair line would become too high.

A: In men, browlifts are a difficult decision due to the instability or lack of a permanent stable frontal hairline. I think given the risks involved, I would be reluctant to do any open superior scalp approach to a browlift. It is a classic example of the risks being greater than the benefits. The safest approach to browlifting in men is the transpalpebral or eyelid approach, coning from below and pushing up with an endotine device. It does not produce as signfiicant a lift as that from above but it is always safer because there is no disturbance in the hairline. Another option is the endoscopic browlift which has much less scar than any open approach but it will lengthen the forehead as it works on the principle of an endocranial scalp/forehead shift superiorly to lift the brows.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana