What Can Be Done For The Saggy Skin That Has Developed in My Neck A Few Years After My Facelift?

Q: I had a face lift a few years ago and now looking into a procedure for the aging, saggy skin on my neck to be tightened.  I’m hoping it will not be as invasive as the face lift.  A consultation would be great so that I could learn more about the procedure,  expense, recovery and an approximate number of years it would be expected to last.  I’m not very good at understanding how to put pictures on the computer but would be willing to attempt a virtual consultation using the website.

A: It sounds like what you have is some rebound relaxation after a facelift procedure. This is very common and expected for many facelift patients. While patients appreciate that any facial tightenng procedure is not permanent (treating the symptoms of the problem, not curing the actual problem which is aging), they are not usually asware of the phenomenon of rebound relaxation. Just like stretching out a rubber band and hold it there, there will be some eventual relaxation or loss of the stretch. From a biomechanical perspective, this is elastic deformation. The once tight skin flaps, after all the swelling goes down, relaxes a little from being stretched. (tissue accomodation) How much this occurs will vary based on skin type (thickness) and how much direct tightening was actually done. This is always most evident in the neck which is the most distant point from the origin of the pull. (ears)

What you need is a little touch-up or tuck-up facelift. This is a much more limited procedure than your first initial facelift. These little neck-jowl tuckups are also known as a variety of branded and franchised mini-facelifts which promote the rapid recovery from the procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana