What Are The Options For Browlifting In Men?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 40 year-old male and my eyebrows are bothering me. I have read that they can be lifted by opening the the upper eyelid and putting in some device to lift them.  I know that  this procedure does not lift much however. Do you think that it can resolve my problem or do you have another  suggestion for me. Please find me some solution to lift my brows. Perhaps a mid-forehead lift will lift my brows and then you can even take the excess skin that I have in my forehead out. I have two very deep long  wrinkles in my forehead that you can use. I know that there will be scars even inside  the wrinkles but we can not have something without scars so I am willing to correct a problem that is bothering me and accept scars that I can treat later with laser. Or you can do the direct brow lift by making a scar right above each brow. Please I want to lift those brows so there has got to be some way to do it for me. 

A: As for browlifting in young men, there is never a completely satisfactory solution. The endotine device to which you refer lifts the male brow slightly but does not nothing for the rest of the forehead or wrinkles. Whether the amount of lifting that can be achieved, which is just the middle to outer brow area, is enough show be considered carefully before surgery. No scar across the forehead would ever be acceptable in any male but an older one who already has deep horizontal forehead wrinkles. A mid-forehead or direct browlift is a major concern in younger men where the trade-offs for doing something are worse than the original problem. Male browlifting is a challenging issue, particularly in the younger patient. The endotine device approach through the upper eyelid is the only browlift option I would consider at your age.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana