What Are My Incisions Options for Browlift and Brow Bone Reduction Surgery in a Man?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to lift the eyebrows of the forehead area and reduce the protrusion of the forehead bone but I don’t want a coronal incision to do it. I need minimal incisions as I am a male.

A:  Browlift surgery in a male is a challenge due to the hair issue or lack thereof. Male browlift surgery can be performed either through an endoscopic technique with an epicranial shift or through the eyelids (transpalpebral) with or without an endotine device. The frontal hairline and density will determine which option is best.  When it comes to brow bone reduction, however, there are no other options that a coronal approach. The male brow bone is really frontal sinus expansion and must be reduced through an osteotomy approach. Even if the brows could be reduced by simple burring, good access is needed and an endoscopic approach can not be used. For most men, the coronal incision is an understandable objection and brow bone reduction is not possible.
Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana