Tightness after Chin Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had spoken to you a few weeks ago about the tightness I had from my chin implant. You had recommended a 3D CT scan to make sure the implant was in the correct position. Before I could make the appointment, I started to carefully feel the implant and noticed that the right wing of the implant is heading up in the direction of the right corner of my mouth! This area is where I am feeling the numbness and tightness. I had put botox to relax the muscles but now that I have felt the position, do you recommend to remove the implant to help with the symptoms I have been having? I’m of afraid of another surgery to reposition it and having to deal with the long recovery again. I’m thinking the removal won’t be as bad as the implantation. Do you think the tilt in the implant is causing my symptoms?

Please respond when you can. I appreciate any help I can get and you seem to be the only one with the answers.

A: A malpositioned chin implant can certainly be the cause of various postoperative symptoms, which include tissue tightness. The way to answer the question of whether the implant is the source is to have it removed. On the other hand there is a reason you had the chin implant in the first place and it would be shame to abandon its original objective. (the argument for chin implant repositioning)

The best way to answer the question of chin implant malposition is with a 3D CT scan.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana