Skull Augmentation and Hairline Lowering

Q: Dr. Eppley, I see that skull-reshaping/augmentation is a specialty of ours. Can hairline lowering be done along with the skull augmentation. My complaints are: too high forehead as well as head shape too flat on top and in back. Concerns are that once scalp pulled forward, will there be enough room to actually add filler to skull area(s) in need.

A: It is not possible to perform skull augmentation and hairline lowering in the same patient, either together or separately. Skull augmentation needs more scalp to stretch over the implant and relies on scalp stretch to do so. Hairline lowering requires the scalp to stretch to move the hairline lower which also relies on scalp stretch. One procedure works directly against the other.They can not even be staged separately as again one works against the other. If you have a skull implant you will never be able to advance the hairline thereafter. If you have had a prior hairline advancement you will not be able to get even a small skull implant in place due to the tightness of the scalp tissues.. Both skull augmentations and hairline advancements need all the scalp stretch they can get to be effective.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana