Rib Removal for Waistline Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had some questions about the cosmetic rib removal surgery procedure. And I would like to know if online consultations are free. If so, how can we schedule an online consultation ?

Also here are a few questions :

1. how is the recovery? I work a physical job, when would I be able to feel no pain when moving and when I press on my ribs ? How long?

2.  I live out of the U.S.. Do I have to come accompanied with someone or can I come alone ? What’s is the aftercare like ?

3. How much does the surgery cost including aftercare and anesthesia, medications etc. ?

4. How often does pneumothorax happen ? What is the % of chance of it happening ? Is it relatively common or very rare ? (if the 10th is removed as well)

5. How often does chronic pain from the cut end of the rib happens ? What is the % of chance of it happening ? Is it relatively common or very rare ? If it happens how is it resolved? Is it a permanent chronic condition?

6. By how many inches is the waist typically reduced ? How significant or dramatic of a  result can I expect ?

7. Can I see several before and after picture of actual patients? there’s no before/after picture of the rib removal procedure on your website

8. What are the long term risk or consequences that can happen afterwards?

9. Usually, does the procedure works out the first time or can it need a revision?

A: Thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your rib removal questions:

1) For a completely pain-free recovery this will take 3 to 4 weeks. You can go back to work anytime in the recovery you feel comfortable.

2) You may come alone for the surgery, this is common.

3) My assistant will pass along he cost of the surgery to you later today.

4) While pneumothorax is a known risk, I have never had it happen.

5) Chronic pain from the cut ends of the ribs has never been reported.

6) Most patients report a 1″ to 3″ reduction in their waistline.

7) Because of lack of actual visit followup, few patients are ever seen after the surgery for pictures. There is also the issue of patient confidentiality which must be respected.

8) I have never seen any long-term adverse consequences from rib removal surgery.

9) The procedure is a one time surgery. Whatever result you get the first time is the maximal result that can be obtained. There are no revisions that can be done.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana