Rhinoplasty Imaging

Q: Dr. Eppley, I love the rhinoplasty imaging predictions, they look great!  I was wondering however if you could possibly send me a few more.  I know I asked for a concave look, but could you show me what it would look like if my nose were made to be a little less concave.  Also, what do you think about possibly shortening my nose and nostrils?  Would it become too short for my features then?  I’m nervous and want to ensure I love the end results, so could you show me a few possibilities for what these two separate end results might look like, one with my nose just a little less concave, and another with my nose a little less concave and shortened. 

A: Thank you for your feedback on the rhinoplasty computer imaging. What is important to remember is that computer imaging is just a prediction and and not an exact replica of what can or will be the outcome. It is a good goal and a road map for the surgeon but no one ends up looking exactly like the imaging. It may be close but never exactly like the prediction imaging shows. Rhinoplasty surgery is not ala carte. You can’t dictate the fine details of the change to your nose like getting your coffee at Starbuck’s.

That being said, you should decide to have rhinoplasty surgery based on what you have already seen. If that is enough then the surgery will not disappoint. But if you have to have some change this is more than what is shown then you will find fault with any rhinoplasty surgery and will end up disappointed and always finding fault with some aspect of the result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana