Post Op Earlobe

Earlobe Repair Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. You will leave the office with the earlobe sutures covered only with antibiotic ointment or with glued on flesh-colored tapes. If the earlobe has no tapes, keep a light layer of antibiotic ointment on them twice a day. If they are covered with tapes, there is nothing to do.
  2. In most cases of isolated earlobe repair, antibiotics and pain medication are not needed afterwards.
  3. The earlobe usually has very minimal swelling and no bruising or pain after surgical repair. There is no reason to apply or any cold compresses afterward unless you feel it makes them feel better.
  4. It is perfectly fine to get the ears wet during showering or washing. That does not increase the risk of infection.
  5. There are no physical activity restrictions, including swimming, that you cannot do immediately afterwards. The only activity that should be avoided are wet and dry saunas until the sutures are removed.
  6. In 7 to 10 days after earlobe repair, you will return to have the earlobe sutures and tapes (if present) removed.
  7. Ear ring wear should not be done until 6 weeks after repair. The earlobe may be safely re-pierced at that time.