Nipple Lift

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question for nipple lift surgery. I am considering redoing my breasts implants. If I did, in what scenario could we use the gummy bear tear drop implant? Could it be the same 250cc or would we have to increase it, and by how much? Also, if we put in a new implant (I would prefer medium profile and I currently have high profile) would we have to use my armpit incision or could we use the nipple lift incision? And if we use the nipple lift incision, will it cause a worse scar? Please let me know, thanks!


A: If you were to replace your breast implants it would be possible to use your existing axillary scars, particularly if the implant size is not going to increase by any significant amount. While a tear drop shaped implant can be used, they are highly prone to rotate when placed into a pre-existing pocket. So their use in an existing pocket should be approached with that risk in mind. (the textured surface really only grabs fresh pocket tissue not that of a smooth capsular surface that has been created from an existing implant) You would be better served to use a lower profile round smooth which would naturally develop profile closer to that of. tear drop but with no risk of shape malformation with implant rotation.


The nipple lift incision is too small for implant insertion. And even if it weren’t it would end up with a worse scar than would be created from a nipple lift alone.


Dr. Barry Eppley


Indianapolis, Indiana